Tail & Trouble

Tail & Trouble

Tail & Trouble by Victor Catano (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

I’m not usually a fantasy kind of girl, but I did enjoy this story of psychic dogs, covens, wannabe witches, and a nasty wizard. Sheila is a good and powerful witch, and she has gone missing. Sheila’s boyfriend, Gabriel, and Orson, the bulldog who is her familiar, have gone looking for her. She’s out on coven business that her fellow witches won’t reveal, so Orson and Gabriel are on their own. Along the way they meet new magical types, and most are not so nice.

Gabriel tells the story, and he is a guy with attitude. He makes it fun to read. Orson has attitude of his own, and between the two of them, it is pretty entertaining. I never did get to know or care a lot about Sheila herself, which did make the story a little less interesting. I know that Gabriel and Orson love her, and she’s a good person who’s had a rough life. But it wasn’t quite enough for me.

There’s action and problems to solve, and so it kept my interest because I wanted to know how they would fix it all. It’s the kind of book where you know the ending is going to be happy, so the question is, “how do they do it?”

Bella gives Tail & Trouble four stars. 4 stars

Bella Reads and Reviews received a free ARC in return for an honest review.



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