The Thing Is

The Thing Is

The Thing Is by Kathleen Gerard (General Fiction)

Prozac is a spirit guide dog. He’s had multiple lives as different breeds of dogs and has even spent time with some famous people over the centuries. His purpose is to help humans solve their spiritual and emotional problems. His big dream, however, is to be the mongrel, Sandy, on stage in a Broadway production of Annie. When this story takes place, he is a cute little Yorkshire Terrier in modern times living a good life with an elderly lady named Helen. And let’s face it, who could resist that face?

Meredith could. She’s grieving the loss of her fiancé and after three years, can’t seem to get on with her life. Through no choice of her own, she ends up dogsitting Prozac when Helen has an accident, but she’s not happy about it. It becomes clear that Prozac’s role is to get her out of her funk and back to being a productive person.

The story is told from two points of view — Prozac’s and Meredith’s. The descriptions of Prozac’s behavior are very accurate if you know Yorkies, which we happen to have two of in our house. Meredith is kind of annoying at times, but that’s the point — she’s stuck in her grief and needs a push to get out. Much of the action involves people at a senior living facility, and there is some mystery and some excitement at the end.

I thought the author was very creative when Prozac would remember something helpful from his past life as an Eskimo dog or Cleopatra’s lapdog or whatever. He has a fun personality and is also a lot smarter than the average dog because of his experiences, but he still does all the dopey Yorkie things. This made the book fun to read even if the end was somewhat predictable.

Bella gives The Thing Is four stars. 4 stars

Bella Reads and Reviews received a free copy from Red Adept Publishing in exchange for an honest review.




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