Death by Diploma

death by diploma

Death by Diploma by Kelley Kaye (Mystery)

This book is a murder mystery with a light-hearted approach, which I learned is called a “cozy mystery.” Although there is some description of the murder scenes (slight spoiler there), the story dwells more on the two women teachers who decide to solve the murders and bring the murderer to justice.

The teachers, Emma and Leslie, are quirky characters who are pretty intense sometimes. I’ve never known a teacher as off-the-wall as Leslie, which is probably a good thing. But I have known the coach types and others described in the book. Leslie quotes Shakespeare for everything and makes wisecracks all the time. Her over-the-top energy made her seem superficial to me, like she couldn’t just be real, and sometimes I got tired of her.

The story is told from Emma’s point of view, which makes her more appealing, plus she’s more normal. There’s a little romance, but mostly it’s about the sleuthing done by the teachers, mostly after-hours, and how they finally solve the mystery. This is the first in a series called “Chalkboard Outlines,” so we know this duo will be back. It’s an easy read, and if you like light-hearted murder mysteries (which seems like an oxymoron to me), you’ll probably enjoy this.

Bella gives Death by Diploma four stars. 4 stars

Bella Reads and Reviews received a free copy from Red Adept Publishing in return for an honest review.




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