My Girl

My Girl - Official Front Cover

My Girl by Jack Jordan (Thriller)

I read this book in one sitting. It’s fast-paced and relatively short. It’s also dark and full of people living nightmarish lives.

Paige has become a pill-popping alcoholic ten years after the unsolved disappearance and apparent dismemberment of her then-fourteen-year-old daughter and the recent wrist-slashing suicide of her husband. She does degrading things in order to support her chemical dependencies, lives in disgusting conditions, and gets herself into dangerous situations she doesn’t remember much about. The author sets the stage with lots of bile, vomit, urine, blood, and other bodily fluids to demonstrate how low she has fallen.

Family members—her dead husband’s parents, her own father, and her brother—try to stand by her as she sinks lower and lower, and she pushes them away as she heads toward self-destruction. She seems to be losing her mind. Strange things happen in her home. Did she do these things herself, or is someone in her extended family out to get her?

A major twist took me by surprise and changed the story completely, leaving me curious about how it would all play out and keeping my attention. That said, the story was a tad far-fetched for me in places and required considerable suspension of disbelief in certain areas, primarily medical and forensic. To say more would ruin the surprise, which is this book’s primary strong point.

I had no problems with the author’s writing style; the book moves right along and it’s well-edited in terms of grammar and punctuation. As long as you don’t mind watching someone sink into the depths of despair and degradation, you will probably enjoy it. Jack Jordan is definitely an author to watch.

Grandma gives My Girl four stars. 4 stars

Bella Reads and Reviews received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review and participation in the pre-release blog tour.









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