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Bella says: Hi and welcome to our book reviews. I’m 18 years old and just graduated from a New England high school. I love to read and so does my grandma, but sometimes, when I share books with her, it turns out we see them totally differently. So we thought, why not share those different points of view with others?

I read primarily young adult and new adult fiction, which is what you’ll see me reviewing here. I also do light-hearted mysteries and maybe a little fantasy.

Grandma says: I turned 18 over 50 years ago, but I’ve never forgotten what it was like to be a teenager. Coming-of-age worries and experiences are pretty universal, and wondering where one fits in and what the future may hold is common to us all. I believe that’s why good young adult books are popular with readers of all ages.

I also love contemporary women’s fiction and historical fiction, two genres which, when well-written, can deepen one’s understanding of the experiences of others. Mysteries and thrillers are fun now and then, and I’m also drawn to time travel and the occasional space adventure. I’m not a big fan of formula romances, but always enjoy a good love story.

For more information on how and what we review, please check out our Review Policy.

SCgoldAbout the old typewriter: Grandma owns three of them, and this one resides at Bella’s house. Bella enjoys using it, which makes sense considering it’s purely her choice. Grandma — who grew up using the thing — is a big fan of computers and tablets.

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  1. Your review on the book “Medicaid Secrets” (K. Gabriel Heiser) is very helpful. In the review you mentioned that another similar book about how to get most from social security is better, could you let me know the title of that book? Thank you!

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