Review Policy

Bella primarily reviews books written for young adult and new adult readers. Grandma reviews contemporary fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, paranormal, and some, but not all, fantasy. We also enjoy a good mystery or a thriller, but not horror. No erotica, please. We may consider dystopia. We both enjoyed The Hunger Games series, but are not really big on overly creepy or depressing worlds.

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We’re especially interested in helping new and independent authors, although you will see other books, as well. Our reviews will always be honest, but never cruel. Grandma, however, has little respect for publications that are not well-edited in terms of grammar and punctuation and will say so.

We accept advanced reader copies and books that are already released, in return for an honest review. We will also purchase and review other books of our own choosing. Grandma prefers to use an ereader (.mobi); Bella prefers print but will accept .mobi, as well.

We will consider participation in blog tours, but reserve the right to back out if the book we agree to review will receive a rating less than three stars.

You can reach us with inquiries by emailing bellareadsandreviews (at) gmail (dot) com.

We will give each book a rating of 1 to 5 stars, but may decide not to post a rating below 3 stars, based on the cause. The author/publisher, however, will receive notice of star rating.

5 stars: We loved it and recommend it without reservation.

4 stars: We liked it a lot and believe most readers will, as well.

3 stars: We believe it is worth reading in spite of some flaws.

2 stars: We are not enthusiastic, but you may be.

1 star:  We believe this book is not ready for prime time.

Potty-mouth Index: Young Adult books will receive a potty-mouth index rating from Grandma as guidance for parents or readers wishing to avoid questionable language.

HIGH: excessive use of the “f” word or other sexually abusive language. Where appropriate to the story, this will be noted.

MODERATE: some use of the “f” word. Appropriateness to the story will be noted.

MINOR: no use of the “f” word; does contain other four-letter words or their equivalent.

CLEAN: self-explanatory.

We will cross-post our reviews to Amazon and Goodreads, where applicable. We also accept books through NetGalley and publish there. Many of our reviews are featured in TopShelf Magazine, a journal for librarians and booksellers.
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