The Accident

The Accident

The Accident by Glen Ebisch (Suspense/Thriller)

As in many suspense novels, the lead character in The Accident is a damaged former cop who is investigating a possible crime sub rosa. In doing so, she creates enemies in a small town, runs afoul of the local police, and must fight her own inner demons as well as the perp who now turns his sights on her.

Karen was involved in a terrible car wreck that left her physically and emotionally damaged. Now an old friend has asked for her help. The friend’s younger sister has disappeared from the family beach house in Maine; could Karen move into the house and do her best to find out what happened to the sister?

It’s impossible to say much without giving away who is responsible, but let’s just say I felt this story was riddled with improbabilities, including the relationship between the investigator and the perpetrator. It has peripheral characters who feel like filler material. A tight, well-written thriller contains characters who contribute to the tension — they or their circumstances make them potential suspects — or else they remain in the background. In this case, a co-worker’s personal struggles to buy a house, when those struggles had nothing to do with the story in any way, was material that should have been edited out.

That said, is this a book worth reading? Sure. It has a mystery to solve, a missing woman, some creepy guys, an annoying co-worker, a little budding romance. You may or may not figure out who did it before the reveal. The writing is easy to read. The location is oceanside in southern Maine, an area the author obviously knows. The former police officer, Karen, is a sympathetic character with a tragic backstory who, by the end of the book, is making progress toward healing.

Grandma gives The Accident three stars. 3 stars

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The River at Night


The River at Night by Erica Ferencik (Thriller, Women’s Contemporary Fiction)

This suspense-filled thriller takes the reader on a Maine whitewater-rafting vacation gone bad.

Wini reluctantly agrees to join three good friends – none of whom are particularly outdoorsy – on a guided excursion to the Maine wilderness. The four women will be gone for several days, hiking and rafting their way through a remote area with their highly capable guide. Things go terribly wrong, however, and they find themselves on their own, struggling to simply survive as they travel downriver, seeking their way back to civilization. To make matters worse, their one possible source of help turns out to be less than helpful.

This book immediately grabbed my interest and held it. The four women – Wini, Pia, Rachel, and Sandra – became very real to me, their personalities distinct and well-defined, their reactions and behaviors believable. As I traveled this journey with them, I found myself pondering how I would do under the same circumstances, and more than once, I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I wasn’t really there. The descriptions are well-done and the emotions are real. Nothing about this book is predictable; it kept me on the edge of my seat.

Grandma gives The River at Night five stars. 5 stars

The River at Night will be released in January, 2017. It is currently available for pre-order.

Bella Reads and Reviews received a free advanced review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.