Treasure of the Black Hole


Treasure of the Black Hole by S. Evan Townsend (Science Fiction)

This book is a fun space adventure with lots of inventive creatures, a treasure to be found, bad guys to avoid, and a possible love interest with questionable motives. Private detective Rick Bailey and his trusted secretary, Rose, who happens to be a giant Roach, are pulled into a scheme to help a lovely princess recover royal jewels. The truth of what’s going on is soon revealed when Rick finds himself sucked into all sorts of tough situations and the princess is no such thing.

The best part of this book is the creativity of the author in coming up with weirdo space folks with multiple body parts, unusual capabilities, and strange habits. Add to that the mysterious world of space craft dynamics and outer space physics — including the black hole mentioned in the title – and you have the makings of an intriguing novel that will keep you well-entertained.

The lead character tells the story with just the right amount of wise-guy attitude to keep it amusing while he encounters his assorted roadblocks and evades the cosmic police who happen to be after him, as well. A few twists and turns keep the story from being predictable. I have no idea if any of the space dynamics are accurate, but it didn’t matter to me as a layperson. I enjoyed the author’s version of how things worked, and while I didn’t always understand what it all meant, it just added to the adventure.

Grandma gives Treasure of the Black Hole five stars.5 stars

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